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Unique Instruments for unique musicians…

Good players command sophisticated instruments. They know the sounds they like to hear and want an instrument adaptable enough that they can forget the mechanics and just concentrate on making great music; Smith-Watkins instruments enable them to do just that. Musical needs vary from playing jazz and chamber music, to recording in a studio.

No two players are the same or have the same requirements. That is why Smith-Watkins designs each instrument to suit the individual and their particular requirements perfectly. Finding exactly the right instrument is where the personalised service offered by Smith-Watkins, a company founded on ground-breaking academic research and expert craftsmanship, really sets it apart.

Smith-Watkins is able to offer a unique service to every musician: they can measure your old instrument and find a similar one from their own range, before making any desired changes and adaptations to ensure the most perfect match between instrument and player.

They are also the market-leaders in adaptable, compatible and interchangeable bells, bores and leadpipes to meet almost any conceivable musical and physical playing need.

Since 2005 Smith-Watkins have been contractors to the Ministry of Defence and have designed, made and supplied specialist brass instruments to most of the British military bands. Their Fanfare trumpets have recently been seen in spectacular form at a variety of prominent public occasions, including heralding the beginning and end of the Grand National (the most famous horse race in Britain), two Royal Weddings (2011 & 2018), and the ceremonies to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (2012) and the opening of the London 2012 Olympics.

In 2010, Smith-Watkins celebrated 25 years of designing and building specialist brass instruments.

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